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>> Saturday, August 13, 2011

This is the inaugural blog post for Good Style.

Good Style is commonly known as "Good Style Shop" to our beloved local cronies, spectators, vintage bloodhounds, queerleaders and touring noise rags. I've made the executive decision to drop the "shop" as we branch out into more than just selling shit you love. In addition to doling out relevant vintage clothes and blasty / grassy expressions to pop in your beater's tape deck, we're spewing out witicisms and snapshots of local people with weird taste on the internet now.

Okay, enough explainations. I'm so hungry, though. Bring me a fritatta or whatever's in your back seat I can eat. Oh good, Jenny's coming.

An Man in a Boutique

Please don't flutter away. I'm perched on this padded stool to help you find the right dress. Really.
As a young buffalo, I am not an archetypal boutique owner. I rage and think in riddles. That's why, with some help from my associates, I bring new ideas to vintage apparel.

Appearances matter, indeed, that's why you're combing over the racks looking for a darted cocktail dress or rifling the shelves looking for size 8 hurache flats. You're a dime-piece. And I'm a dime-piece, too. I'm a chain-smoking, dirty-fingernailed part-time mod/ern glory boy. But this doesn't mean I can't zip you into a 1950s circle dress and offer up a cache of brutal leather jackets and mood jewels to get you out of the stale-ass Betty Draper-zone you thought revival attire once was.

This shop found its early success by offering styled vintage clothing within a curation cave. I'm privileged to keep this flame high since the switch in early 2011. Good Style Shop is located in a prior Gnostic gathering center in an overlooked corner of East Washington and Hancock streets close to the tumultuous capitol of Wisconsin.  As the new owner, my modus is to keep new ideas in art, tunes and textile filled to the top with the help of some magnetic personalities with serious fashion gravitas. Claire ran Mamushka Marie, an accute yet flippant diary of a cross-country vintage sourcer. She's the prim cowgirl that will not hesitate to lasso some of my more exuberant ideas and finds. Phoebe, our Sunday fling, has made her tenure as a vintage maven and merchandiser at San Francisco's quite legendary vintage salon La Rosa Vintage.

This Saturday, I've delighted in:
Lantern: Stranger I Come / Stranger I Leave (Night-People, 2011)

 Philadelphia's witchiest appitite for 3-chord punk, Lantern, pierces my palpatating heart with Iggy Pop mess, hambone rhythyms and swaths of dark psych. Zachary Fairbrother's voice is pure, tangy snot. This tape is just like an acidic 70s creepnik should be in 2011. It's any wonder why no one's picked up my last copy here at the shop.

If this tape were an outfit, it would be shredded, slightly acidic Guess-era black jeans + a high-cropped, hot-color saturated print made from an altered shift dress. It doesn't have shoes and it wears a rusty locket.

What am I doing tonight:
Legalize It!: Madison's most esteemed waxheads play rare cuts from around the planet, off the grid.
There will be pictures.

I do this on Saturdays, only.

Carlos is back! Our friend and record buyer is back from an unexpected jump to LA for the past 2 weeks. He brought us back issues of PORK magazine and other earthly delights. Stoked.


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