>> Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This is going to be a mixtape trade, too. 
I will dub about 10 copies of a Good Style Shop Spring Breeze Out mix for the first 10 people through the door.


Lowlight Situations - "Office Romance" CS

>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

This NNF release might be a little underappreciated. I like jazz when it's very syrupy.
This full length is 1/100.

"Misery may love company but the reverse is true as well. And few improv-y crews are as adept at coaxing delicious smoky noir heartbreak as City Terrace quartet Low Light Situations. It only takes a couple turtlenecks, two beards, three folding chairs, one clarinet, and a single sizzle-chain for these itinerant east LA session players to slow-roast a set’s worth of mesmerizing instrumental reverb chamber mystery-jazz. Whispery percussion, piano bar bass noodles, echo-twang guitar spiderwebs, and twilit ivory tickling slow-dance and romance in a tall-ceilinged hall of mirrors, occasionally spilling over into passages of dissonant drama or hushed emptiness. A great sustained mood melodrama parsed into six subtle micro-movements."

$6 + shipping


Alex Body - "Little Hazey" CS

The now-defunct Iowa tape label, Moist Tapes, put out Alex Body's most tropical release C20 cassette release "Little Hazey" in a short run in 2010. Simply known as BODY these days, you might recognize him from a few early Night People releases. Joe Heuermann, the one of Iowa noise's elusive kingpins, ran Moist Tapes prior to going industrial as  J. Pavilion and starting up All Hell Recordings in Iowa City.

This weird relic has it all: bright organ tangents, dub elements, blown-out kiddy vocals, peach-Os.
Side A: "naked we came"
Side B: "staring at a decent person", "little hazey", "michael jackson"

$4 + shipping


Breathing Flowers - "Magical Order of the Seven Sacred Planets" CS

From label Sonic Meditation's prolific electronic psych roster.

Breathing Flowers is a Kansas City native McKinley Jones. He has contributed to a number of Expo '70 albums including the recent "Corridors to Infinity" album. Sonic Meditations released 100 of "Magical Order of the Seven Sacred Planets" and the shop wound up with a good handful, but there remains just one copy left.
"Magical Order" is an out-of-body lazy river through seven bodies of the known universe.
Recommended to those who dig on Expo '70, Umberto, new mystic stuff, or have read 'Utopia' by Thomas More.
"Breathing Flowers leads us away from the clich├ęs of the sweaty indie-folk mass through green fields, winding mountain paths and thick forests to a leafy and secluded grove where child-nymphs and faun frolic in the speckled sunlight by the lake, a pasty-faced magician casts runes under a white oak..." 8/10/08 -- Matthew O'Shannessy - Foxy Digitalis 

$7 + shipping


Beru - "Daughter Of Eve" CS

>> Sunday, February 12, 2012

 Beru, known also as Jessica Collin, leads a listener through a morose drifts in "Daughter of Eve". The full length cassette leads with a delicate request to follow her past a gated curtain of windchimes and through a forestal path of listless laments. Later, Beru sings a short yarn about a futile quest for love that leads her through Jerusalem and ends with an unobserved death. Austere stuff.

NPR's All Music Considered blog listed Beru - "Daughter of Eve" as one of the Best Cassettes of 2010.

"... After dozens of listens to Beru's "Daughter Of Eve" I can say for certain: I know ghosts. Jessica Collin has crafted one of the most heartbreaking pieces of music I've heard in ages. "Daughter Of Eve" is a dark journey through a harrowing year. Think too much wine mixed with Bergman and you're getting close...

Calleiro's voice is the star. hovering over fractured acoustic guitar melodies, sounding as if though it'll crack and break into tiny pieces at any moment, you can't help but be seduced. noise swashes, chiming percussion and various other parlor tricks create the perfect momentary distractions... Created as two 25 minute sides, "Daughter Of Eve" is expertly assembled..."
1 of 75.

Beru "Daughter of Eve" Promo video #2 from Digitalis Industries



Troy Schaffer - "Anubis Come In" CS

It's a good thing the shop has at least one of the 99 of copies of "Anubis Come In" made by local friend & notable violinist / demonologist Troy Schaffer. It's a thoughtful spread of loop collages, Blair Witch realness, string abuse and rain sounds.

This solo release by founding member of Kinit Her and the highly productive free-folk ensemble Second Family Band (releases also on Earjerk)was recorded in 2010 here in Madison, Wisconsin.

Side A: Anubis Come In / Blessing Song. An intense passage through unintelligible mud missives, banchee wind whippers, gongs and earth curses.
Side B: Death Spirit of the All. As if a lone orphan on a swing set remade the first bars of Tears for Fears "Head Over Heels" with tinny stringed balalaika, then immediately burst into a beam of light; chilling as fuck.

$6 + shipping


GSS Holiday Gift Guide

>> Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vintage Knits

Tooled Leather Vintage Bags

Mens vintage shoes and boots

Womens vintage shoes and boots

OAK vintage sunnies & shades

Softspoken handmade hats and mitts

Iron Sea handmade tees and totes

Project Salvage handmade jewelry

Last minute gift ideas for those of us who wait until the last possible second!

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