Beru - "Daughter Of Eve" CS

>> Sunday, February 12, 2012

 Beru, known also as Jessica Collin, leads a listener through a morose drifts in "Daughter of Eve". The full length cassette leads with a delicate request to follow her past a gated curtain of windchimes and through a forestal path of listless laments. Later, Beru sings a short yarn about a futile quest for love that leads her through Jerusalem and ends with an unobserved death. Austere stuff.

NPR's All Music Considered blog listed Beru - "Daughter of Eve" as one of the Best Cassettes of 2010.

"... After dozens of listens to Beru's "Daughter Of Eve" I can say for certain: I know ghosts. Jessica Collin has crafted one of the most heartbreaking pieces of music I've heard in ages. "Daughter Of Eve" is a dark journey through a harrowing year. Think too much wine mixed with Bergman and you're getting close...

Calleiro's voice is the star. hovering over fractured acoustic guitar melodies, sounding as if though it'll crack and break into tiny pieces at any moment, you can't help but be seduced. noise swashes, chiming percussion and various other parlor tricks create the perfect momentary distractions... Created as two 25 minute sides, "Daughter Of Eve" is expertly assembled..."
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Beru "Daughter of Eve" Promo video #2 from Digitalis Industries



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