Breathing Flowers - "Magical Order of the Seven Sacred Planets" CS

>> Saturday, February 18, 2012

From label Sonic Meditation's prolific electronic psych roster.

Breathing Flowers is a Kansas City native McKinley Jones. He has contributed to a number of Expo '70 albums including the recent "Corridors to Infinity" album. Sonic Meditations released 100 of "Magical Order of the Seven Sacred Planets" and the shop wound up with a good handful, but there remains just one copy left.
"Magical Order" is an out-of-body lazy river through seven bodies of the known universe.
Recommended to those who dig on Expo '70, Umberto, new mystic stuff, or have read 'Utopia' by Thomas More.
"Breathing Flowers leads us away from the clich├ęs of the sweaty indie-folk mass through green fields, winding mountain paths and thick forests to a leafy and secluded grove where child-nymphs and faun frolic in the speckled sunlight by the lake, a pasty-faced magician casts runes under a white oak..." 8/10/08 -- Matthew O'Shannessy - Foxy Digitalis 

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