shop update: college dropout sale next week

>> Saturday, August 27, 2011

You may have seen these plastered all over campus hell and the downtown area by now.
Good Style Shop is having a grand bitch of a sale for all the college and university newcomers here in Madison.

We're going to be unleashing a bunch of new autumnal vintage clothing, shoes & accessories for everyone! If you have a student ID handy, we'll take off 10% off your whole shootin' match Saturday, September 3 and the following Saturday, September 10.

Drop out of the doldrums of campus and into the cliffs of townie paradise: 402 East Washington!

That's not Jane Birkin, either. It's our high priestess Sophia. Send your fan mail to our regular address.

BIG DEAL: This Wednesday at High Noon Saloon, come to Vintage Madison's 2nd Annual Fall Fashion event. We're bringing party boys, clean stacks of vinyl pop, and printed realness. If I lost you, good, Claire's next post will get you on this tip.


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